The Lighthouses and Life Saving Stations of Cape Ann
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The maritime history of Cape Ann, on the northern coast of Massachusetts, is filled with stories of heroism, adventure and human endeavor. The lighthouses and life saving stations surrounding Cape Ann since the late 18th century have served to protect and safe guard the area’s mariners and major industries. Fishing, ship building, granite quarrying businesses all flourished under their watchful eye. They provided artists with spectacular subject matter and attracted tourists from around the world to visit them. Cape Ann is famous for being the home of America’s oldest seaport in Gloucester and America’s most painted building, Motif#1 in Rockport.

Paul St.Germain, President of the Thacher Island Association, a non-profit volunteer organization has been a Rockport resident for 18 years and has a view of both Thacher and Straitsmouth Islands from his home. With assistance from the Cape Ann Museum, the Sandy Bay Historical Society archives, U.S. Coast Guard Historian and other private collections he has put together a most revealing record and a fascinating history through vintage photographs of the lighthouses and life saving stations around Cape Ann.

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The Lighthouses and Life Saving Stations of Cape Ann

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